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Struggle Less, Do better.

How many words does it take to succinctly describe what holds you back? It seems arbitrary, really, if you struggle less you will do better.

In my experience, its the people who are able to take stock of what they do well, and what they need to do better that ultimately learn whats holding them back. For me, its about asking for help. My struggle, which has at times defined me, has always been about the need to do things myself or better known as the inability (or unwillingness) to ask for help.

Imagine being able to exchange thoughts and ideas with someone who you believe knows as much about the subject matter as you do in your own business?

What are some of the ways you can reach out to people?

  1. Use a consultant! This method has become more popular for SMB's who don't have the resources to hire a specialist but need a subject matter expert to help guide them and answer questions.

  2. Idea exchanges - Reach out to someone via LinkedIn (or another platform) and offer to trade some time. Say, for example, a technology professional and a marketing professional were able to trade info and no cost to anyone.

  3. Engage mentors! Younger professionals have used mentors who are experienced to aid in sustained growth. Sometimes all you need to do is ask!

  4. Network Network Network! Needless to say, the more people you know, and who know you, the more accessible information can be.

Ultimately, only you can decide where you struggle and how you can fix that so you can do better. Where are some areas you could use help that would make you better?

I'm urging everyone to take advantage of the resources around you. Time is money and that money is better spent accelerating your business with the help of professionals and their experience!

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