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Creative Strategic Solutions

Recognized across North America as a connecting force in experiential design & live events, Aaron is an industry leader in strategic consultation and campaign development. As an influencer and speaker, Aaron has held roles with prestigious associations and foundation both in and out of the industry: Bizbash 250 for Canada, Bizbash 500 worldwide, and Eventex Top 100. 

As the President and CEO of Fifth Element Group Inc., Aaron has set his own path from Toronto to International markets and leads a team in fostering long-term connections for annual growth through implementing strategy and developing campaigns for experiential events of high impact.

Today, Aaron partners with SME businesses to action client objectives with a results-oriented mindset by leveraging key trends in marketing, sales and branding. This focus on developing businesses and providing consultation in change management has garnered him attention as a global changemaker in advocating for a connected and more socially conscious events industry.  

Connect with Aaron to make your first step towards creative and strategic growth for your business.

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