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Doing the work.

It's abundantly clear from all the people I speak with that we have a societal problem, one that has crept up on us and has become a pandemic long before Covid existed. It's scientific name, exertion industriousness, better known as "Hard Work".

Growing up with an immigrants mindset was crucial to my development. It was not easy. The expectations were high and the excuses unacceptable. Work was about creating stability and a means to support a family. There were no internet, no cell phones. When we struggled we turned to our families, network and...gasp...the classified section in the local newspaper. We called, faxed and ...gasp again....visited businesses to deliver resumes. Us old folks called that "Pounding the pavement".

I'll never forget the last time I saw my Grandfather who, at 94 years old, still intimidated me with his sharp mind and keen wit. While lying on what, an hour or so later, would be his death bed he looked up at me as I walked in to see him and in a moment of clarity, with a rough but clear voice, exclaimed "Go. To. WORK". He was a man I envy today for his work ethic. Coming from Europe, starting from selling papers on the corners of Toronto, he built a life and legacy that I may never come close to achieving. The parting gift he left me however, without knowing it at the time, were those words. No matter how hard things are, and how challenging the road ahead, that last moment with him reminds me that while on his most difficult road he knew that his last message for me would be a constant reminder of his life and the work I needed to put in as he watches me, hopefully proud, build a life and family of my own.

I'm not sure the gifts he gave me have been more important then they are right now. We ALL need to do the work necessary and not just for luxuries but for necessities. People are struggling and there may be no end in sight. As the pandemic subsides, there may be major economic ramifications and businesses will need to make decisions that may impact millions.

Work Hard and stand out someone who is willing to get the job done. Pound the pavement and research the skills that helped people and business grow as people from all over the world descended on North America...just like my grandfather did all those years ago. Those skills are a lost art that will never steer you wrong.

From all this, I developed a reminder for myself which I remind myself all the time. People, in general, may be smarter then me, more skilled then me, more educated or more physically gifted BUT, if I choose, NO ONE CAN OUTWORK ME!

Stay safe everyone!


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